J. P. A. Drapes, Inc.

Replacement Draperies
for Airstream, Argosy & other RV units
Continuing a Family Tradition
Started in 1973

We are the Airstream and Argosy Drapery Experts

We are proud to be a part of the past 40 years and over 6000 sets of draperies constructed exclusively for Airstream, Argosy trailers and motorhomes and other RV units. This experience gives us a unique understanding of how to create perfectly fitting draperies worthy of these exciting vehicles.

Custom Fit:   Our drapes never sag or bulge.  We know what to do with each track configuration to assure that the drapes hang perfectly every time.   Because we sew on new track slides using first quality elastic. Our drapes always open and close easily.  We use high quality Velcro® to create a secure closure.  The left panel overlaps the right panel and the drapes never gap.  Privacy is assured.  Similarly, we attach snaps to the outer corners of each end panel so the drapes make a tight fit with the wall. 

Fabric:  We offer our customers a selection of high quality fabrics at affordable prices.   They have been especially selected to compliment Airstream and Argosy interiors.  These fabrics are soft, durable, drapeable and dimensionally stable. We offer fabric in 12 colors. Additionally, customers may provide their own designer fabrics..

Lining:   Our draperies are fully lined with high quality thermasuede lining that will help insulate against heat and cold, block out glare and soften sounds. Roclon® blackout available.

Packaging: We take great care in preparing the drapes for shipment.  Our customers report that the drapes arrive wrinkle free. There is no need to press them before installation.


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